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Our Services
We tailor to your needs. Any project, consider us your handyman ! 
  1. Waterproofing Basement
    Our system is designed to prevent clogging, so our clients are enjoying their dry basement, risk free!
  2. Painting
    We only use high quality primer and paint that will last for years so you don't have to worry about repainting your home for several years!
  3. Finished Basement
    At Abode Contracting, we talk with our customers and find out how they want to use the basement after the basement is dry.
  4. Interior & Exterior
    Our interior renovation services include remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Whether you are looking to upgrade your bathroom or replace your kitchen cabinets, we can help you with your home renovation project quickly and efficiently.
  5. Handyman
    Our Handyman Services provide homeowners with a way to repair problems within your home quickly and easily. We work hard to help our clients maintain their homes at the highest level.
  6. Roofing
    Our roofing services include replacing existing roofs, repairing roofs, or winterizing your roof. Maybe you are just concerned that your roof has been on the house for 30 years and would like us to see how it has stood up to the test of time.
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