Finished Basement
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Finishing a basement can give you extra living space, room for an office or a playroom, and can increase the value of your home!
Our Burlington basement remodeling and refinishing services include all of the elements of creating a livable space in your basement. We work within your timeline and your budget to achieve a finished living space in your basement.

Finished Basement Remodeling Project Case Study

At Abode Contracting, we talk with our customers and find out how they want to use the basement after the basement is dry. With one client, the owners have a home based business and small children. We worked with them to create a usable basement for all of the homeowner's needs including: family room, laundry room, and office.

The remodeling project included framing the basement, installing the walls for all of the new rooms, implementing electrical, and installing laminate flooring. We created closets to store all of the heating and electrical and we installed a drop ceiling in the basement so that the wiring and electrical can be accessed by service people after the implementation. We completed the project by doing all of the finish work with painting the walls, doors, and trim.

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Reasons to hire a contractor for your next Basement Remodel or Renvoation project in Burlington, VT.

Doing a basement remodel is one of the easiest ways to add more square footable to your home, while also increasing it's property value. Wheater you are in the need of another bedroom, place to work, or just a space for your kids to have some fun, basements are the ideal solution. 

However, before you begin on your basement renovation, a few things you first need to consdier. 

Vermont can be a humid and cold state at times. Not only is it important to waterproof everything to make sure everything stays dry, but insulating the walls will make sure you and your family stays warm in those winter months.

While planning out the basement remodeling project, consider how many emergency exits you will need. Any dwelling that is considered for living, sleeping, or eating needs windows that meet regulation for exiting in case of an emergency. 

Lighting is key to having a welcoming environment. Basements often don't get nearly the signlight as other places in your house so consider how you want to distribute the lighting. Recessed lights will help illuminate wider open areas where pendant lights can help set the mood for certain areas. 

Flooring is a crucial piece to an effective basement remodeling in Burlington VT. Even when everything is dry indoors and out, floors can still create condensation. 

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